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New Digital SAT Verbal (and Math) Tutor

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My name is Jordan. I am a Verbal SAT tutor, committed to refining your language skills and propelling you toward excellence in the Verbal section of the SAT.

With over 5 years of dedicated Verbal SAT tutoring experience, I cater to students across various academic levels. My expertise lies in guiding you through the intricacies of Punctuation, Standard English Conventions, and Craft and Structure. I hold a Bachelor degree in Philosophy and the CPE Cambridge certificate which vouch for my passion for English and learning, as well as my mastery on the language rules.

*What Sets Me Apart:

-Customized Strategies: Tailoring approaches to match your unique learning style and pace.
-Thorough Assessment: Identifying your strengths and areas for improvement to create a targeted study plan.
-Interactive (live) Sessions: Engaging discussions and exercises designed to reinforce concepts and enhance comprehension.
-Timed Practice: Simulating test conditions for effective time management.

*How We Work:

Diagnostic Evaluation: An initial comprehensive assessment to identify strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement.
Customized Study Plan: Tailored strategies based on the assessment to address specific needs and goals.
Thematic Sessions: In-depth focus on Critical Reading, Writing and Language, and optional Essay sections.
Feedback and Improvement: Ongoing constructive feedback and continuous refinement of strategies for optimal results.
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