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Hello Everyone.

My name's Vishal Arora. I am a business English teacher or better I say communicator for over three years now. I've dealt with diverse people around the world. My communication has been at the first level management, the middle management and the top management. I have worked with reputed English companies - Inlingua, World Communication, Langrow, ICE, Focus from Lima and worldwide. Some of my clients have been from - Diners international, Swiss Embassy, IqFarma, Binswenger.

Methodologies and Techniques
I use various methodologies and techniques in the classes.
For instance - PPP

Presentation - In this part, Firstly, teacher elicit from the students and then feed
Practice - The purpose of this type is mastering
Production - Students producing independently and teacher monitoring

I apply Timeline techniques to teach perfect and perfect continuous tenses.

Business context
In the sessions professionals are trained in corporate grammar, Business vocabulary, expressions related to work, soft skills and all essentials required for their work/business. We cover all essential sections of English - Reading, Listening, Speaking and writing related to business context.

Business context - Introduction, Professional summary, Talking about your company, Presenting your product, Meetings vocabulary, negotiation language, Telephonic conversations.

For instance - When meeting first time with any client, we use the greeting ''How do you do'' not ''How are you'' according to business etiquettes.

I also offer special sessions on presentation skills, interview series, and other relevant tasks.

I am totally responsible for your English, all communication overall related to your work/business.

You're most welcome to take my first session for free.

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  • Estudiantes de primaria, ESO, universitarios, adultos
  • Empresas, autónomos y profesionales (in company)
Cómo da las clases Vishal Arora
  • En el domicilio del profesor
  • Se desplaza a domicilio
  • Online (Skype, Zoom, Classgap)
Habla estos idiomas
  • Inglés
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Julio Muy buen profesor, se adapta a lo que necesitas y tiene mucha di...

Carlos Ramirez Vishal es un profesor que te ayudará a soltarte y fluir en inglés

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Vishal Arora
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Vishal Arora
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