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I have been an ESL teacher for over five years now. I have given General English, Business English sessions. I have also instructed competition exams - TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge examinations. In addition, I have dealt with students of different countries such as Indians, Mexicans, Peruvians, Colombians and so on. I am a native English speaker.

Science teacher for international boards
Having Engineering background, I also teach Science classes for schools. I am an experienced teacher.

Courses Provided

General English sessions - These sessions cover daily life vocabulary and situation that you could face. for instance - at the bank, at the restaurant, offers, permissions.The student's level and needs are analysed then, accordingly classes are programmed. Whole grammar, vocabulary will be covered in the classes.

Competition exams - Specialized in TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge examinations.
Competition exams are based on timeline and range of your application. I mentor students in building strategies for these exams. Usually, my competition classes consist of tips and tricks to tackle the question effectively and efficiently. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing all the essentials are covered during the classes.

Business English for Professionals -
Business English classes typically are conducted inside the professional's timeline and premises. In these classes, we work out English skills required in daily business day such as art of emailing, presentation, expressions related to business English and so on and so forth. Depending on the learner's level, learning abilities classes are designed accordingly.

Tailored approach - Some classes are organised according to student's particular needs and timeline.

My Style of Teaching
1. I follow a very practical approach to train students.
2. There 's a lot of variation in my classes. The student doesn't get bored in the classes.
3. Classes are conversational based classes, not a typical orthodox teaching but, a discussion in the class.
4. Practice drills, Listening, visualization, Article are always a part of the class.

not only teacher but, I also expect students to give their best in the class.
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  • Educación inicial, primaria, ESO, universitarios, adultos
  • Empresas, autónomos y profesionales (in company)
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  • En el domicilio del profesor
  • Se desplaza a domicilio
  • Online (Skype, Zoom, Classgap)
Habla estos idiomas
  • Inglés
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Carlos Ramirez Vishal es un profesor que te ayudará a soltarte y fluir en inglés

Helen Es un gran profesor, su técnica de enseñanza es muy buena, fomen...

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Vishal Arora Arora
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